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2019 Rule Updates

Rule Updates for 2019

  •      2 point stance for offense and defensive linemen must be used in the following levels of play: TM, MM, JP, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.

  •      No kickoffs permitted in the following levels: TM, MM, JP, PW, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.

Mid-America Regional Rule Regarding Tiny Mite Mandatory Plays

Mid-America instituted a new rule in 2016 regarding Mandatory Plays at the Tiny Mite level.  
  • Tiny Mite players can be platooned out to get their MPRs; thereby making it easier for coaches to insure they get all of their plays completed.
  • Tiny Mite players, regardless of roster size, must have 15 active plays during a game prior to the last 10 minutes of the second half.
  • Any players who have not completed their mandatory plays by the time the game clock shows only 10 minutes left, will be put into the game immediately. Those players will stay in the game until time expires, regardless of whether they had one play left or fifteen. It does not matter if the team is on offense at the ten minute mark and the player needing to complete plays is a defensive player or vice versa. They will go in at the last 10 minute mark and stay in for the remainder of the game.

Rule Clarification for Game Ball

Rule Book Correction: Page 39; Rule 12: Game Ball
Wilson Football- Official Football of Pop Warner:

The printed copy of the Rule Book indicates Unlimited Football size as TDP- this is WRONG.
The CORRECT size is the TDY.  Please make sure to communicate this out to all.  The online version has been corrected.

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